What To Do With Old Granite Countertops?

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So, you’re planning to install new countertops in your kitchen but wondering what to do with old granite countertops? You are at the right place.

There are many ways you can deal with old granite countertop pieces. Let’s check them out.

Make something new with old Granite Pieces

You’ll be left with different pieces of different sizes. You can use them to make something new, but it depends on size, cutouts, layout, and the overall condition of the piece. There are many different ways you can use reuse your old granite countertop. You can use it to make wall decorations, fire pits, tables, shelves, cutting boards, centerpieces, lamp bases, and whiskey stones.

The options are unlimited when reusing your old granite countertops. Here are 44 different ways you can use old granite pieces to make something new.

can use old granite pieces to make something new

Donate Old Countertops

Nothing is better than serving humanity. Consider donating your old countertop pieces to a charity that can use them well. Many NGOs and charity organizations take old construction materials and sell/reuse them to make new homes.

Habitat for Humanity is one organization that sells donated items and uses the sales to make new homes for the homeless.

Recycle Old Granite

Many recycling programs take granite and recycle it. Recycled granite is used in many industries like landscaping, construction, walkways, and other products.

Look for a recycling program that offers curbside pickup, as you’ll need professionals to move granite pieces. So, it is better to save some bucks that you can use in the remodeling project.

Sell Old Granite Pieces

You can also sell your old granite pieces to help manage remodeling costs. Old granite is sold at a lower price, but many people are looking for it. Some people buy old pieces to make new items and then sell them at higher prices. You can sell old granite online at Craiglist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other social media platforms.

Throw Them Away

You can put old pieces to good use in so many different ways. However, sometimes the countertops are damaged to such an extent that you can’t do anything but throw them away. Make sure you throw your old countertops properly and according to local laws.

How long does Granite Countertop Last?

If properly taken care of, Granite countertops last at least 15-20 years. Some well-maintained, high-quality granite pieces can last up to 100 years.

When should you Replace Granite Countertop?

Replacing a granite countertop should be the last resort. You can clean and reseal it if the countertop is dirty and has lost its shine. Moreover, you can also repair small chips, cracks, and tiny holes in your granite countertops. You can read more about it here.

What are the Things to Consider before Reusing?

Consider the overall condition of the piece to see if it can be used in the long run. There is no point in repurposing pieces that are damaged or broken. The next thing to check is the dimensions to see what you can make of it. Look for any cutouts and holes in the bigger sheets.

It is also difficult to modify the existing design while reusing old granite countertops. Granite is heavy, and its slabs are difficult to move around, making it prone to slippage and breakage. Make sure you arrange for 2-3 people to help you in a DIY project involving heavier pieces.

Cutting granite is also difficult and requires heavy-duty cutters. It also produces a lot of dust and requires various safety precautions.

Which Materials can I use for Countertops?

Granite, marble, and quartz are the common materials used for kitchen countertops. Stainless steel is another option, but it is mostly used in commercial kitchens. Some people also use butcher’s block to make countertops.

Some people also use butcher’s block to make countertops

How much does it cost to Remodel Granite Countertops?

It depends on the size, quality of the new stone, and labor costs. You can save labor costs if you go for a DIY remodeling, but it requires skills and heavy machines. Granite countertop installation usually costs $50 to $200 per square foot and a total of $2100 to $4300 for an average-sized kitchen.

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